Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe: SUV Coupe with 367 PS in first test

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SUV or sports car? Mercedes combines its GLC Coupe with a bi-turbo V6. The result is called Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 AMG Coupe 4Matic. Is this still a Sports Utility Vehicle or just a Sports Vehicle? gives the verdict.

Who invented it? Well, BMW. Both the X3 as a mid-class SUV as well as the Coupé offshoot X4. Which in turn is derived from the original recipe of the first-ever SUV Coupe, the X6. Now the others are joining the party, including Daimler with its GLC Coupé – now also in Mercedes-AMG guise from 65.390 euro (Germany).

Less than 5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h
The GLC 43 is perfectly matched to the right engine, a powerful three-liter biturbo-V6. No, no diesel as with Audi. A good petrol engine which fits perfectly into the sporty team from Affalterbach. Powerful and lively, even if somewhat artificial, it offers the desired mixture of feeling and hardness. Normally inconspicuous in the background, the sound is a bit pretentious depending on the appropriate conditioning and driving mode: sometimes divine, sometimes a bit too loud, without ever truly getting on the nerves. That fits. Of course, no one needs the punch and the commitment of the GLC 43 in every day life (under five seconds to 100!). Of course everyone knows that the new four-cylinder diesel or a four-cylinder gasoline would do just fine too.

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So? Let us again enjoy the highly developed unreason on the eve of the mobility revolution. We quietly relax a little over the miserable visibility behind, while we secretly smirk into this cocoon, this solid processed tub, pleasantly pampered by the wonderfully supporting seats and the appropriate ergonomics.

High quality and solid interior
You also get the best comfort. It’s just a cozy feeling to move such a thing. It feels so beautifully filled. Also, because Mercedes has skillfully decorated the interior. High quality it looks, solid it feels. Does anyone remember the GLK? In its presentation, the visual appeal of the rustic dashboard and the angular style on the outside were conjured up. At that time one liked to refer to the spirit of the G-model. Forget it! Give us the style of the new one! Somehow protecting and motivating at the same time. The commanding view ahead given by the elevated seats is great.

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And the 367 hp engine is only waiting to burst, delivering even at low speeds the cuddly torque of 520 Newtonmeters – making an excellent team with an attentive, AMG-modified automatic gearbox and unrelenting all-wheel-drive system, of course with the AMG-typical force distribution of 30% front and 70% rear.

Also convincing is that the suspension of the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe is never sporty-harsh or fluffy-twisted. No wonder, as AMG combined the air suspension with the extra adaptive struts, an AMG-own front axle and a rear electronic lock differential. The steering has just the right bite to easily walk in front of the nursery and to climb an alpine pass at the weekend or let out a quick drift on the country road.

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Well, it would take us a long time to banter about the meaning and purpose of a sporty SUV Coupe. If all SUVs are so coherently composed as this AMG, everything is perfect. Yes, the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe is that good!