Mercedes-AMG G 65 4×4² V12 Convertible officially teased

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Mercedes-AMG G 65 4×4² V12 Convertible has been officially teased on the company’s Facebook page. Mercedes-Benz continues to give the legendary G-Class a boost with the introduction of extra high and extreme models.

After the six-wheel 63 AMG 6×6 and the shorter but equally high 500 4×4² now is the time for what looks like a V12 convertible version of the series’ extra commanding G-Class. The picture on the Facebook page of Mercedes-Benz does not give much away.

Closeup of the back of the newcomer shows a view on the back mounted spare tire and a taillight. Above the wheel is a floating brake light, similar to the regular convertible versions of the G-Class. Behind that we can glimpse the open roof.

Differences between the existing convertible and the car in the picture are extensive. The extra-wide wheel housing on which, moreover, comes with carbon fiber finish. The ground clearance appears to come from the aforementioned 4×4².



The V12 engine comes straight from the bigger 6×6 though, hence the G65 designation! This means a 600 hp+, 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine rather than the 416 hp engine of the standard 4×4². Indeed, the world is about to witness the debut of the most extreme convertible G-Class ever. The regular G 65 AMG was in 2012, the more extreme version of the already bizarre G 63 AMG. The completely absurd grounds executioner got a 612 hp and 1,000 Nm V12, and a price tag of more than 380,000 euros.

The teased Mercedes-AMG G 65 4×4² V12 Convertible has nothing to do with the all-new G-Class, which Mercedes is already testing in prototype form. All the news about the new generation G-Class you can read here.

Stay tuned for more details on the eve of the Geneva motor show, on the 7th of March.