Mercedes-AMG G 63 Goes All Military, It’s Called The Hulk

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The Mercedes G-Wagen has come into the world with a military DNA. So seeing it looking all military is no surprise. But a dealership from U.S. calls this German boxy offroader The Hulk. Why is that exactly?

Gone are the days the Mercedes-Benz G-Class was only military-purposed. Now every single star from the U.S. just has to have one. It’s solid and angular, yet so fashionable. So that pretty much explains that G… soft spot.

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 that shows up on the Instagram account of Platinum Motorsport, a dealership from the U.S. that obeys the orders of superstars in search of head-turning cars, has worked on this big guy as well. This is how it ended up in green, with a superhero aura.

The custom-built G 63 naturally still comes with that V8 biturbo 4.0 V8 with 585 PS (577 HP). But it got a new lowered suspension setup and 24-inch Brabus M monoblock wheels painted in Satin Black. “When you lower vehicles, it makes the wheels look better, it makes the car look wider and more aggressive-looking,” the Platinum Motorsport rep, George, explains. So much for the offroad capabilities with that lowering move…

There is a new spoiler with integrated LED lights at the front, extending the bumper and the offroader sports backlit logos. Exposed carbon fiber parts, a hood scoop included, make it look intimidating. The rear spoiler displays the illuminated Brabus logo at both ends.

How long did it take Platinum Motorsport to perform the makeover? No, that’s not so. They only had three days and three days they took. “We turned around the cars in three working days,” they brag. And they have the right to do so.

This time, they stayed away from the interior. But it probably won’t take long before the owner asks for some mods on board to match the look of The Hulk.