Mercedes-AMG G 63 Cabrio by Refined Marques: the most expensive G-Class of all time

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The Refined Marques tuner has created the most expensive Mercedes G-Class ever. A cabriolet derived from the Mercedes-AMG G 63 costs $ 1.3 million.

Photos: Refined Marques

The current generation Mercedes G-Class launched in 2018 is only available in a five-door version, with the short three-door and Cabrio not offered. The Mercedes G-Class hasn’t had a cabrio version for more than ten years. But tuner Refined Marques, an expert in tuning expensive cars, developed a convertible version based on the current generation W463 G-Class. And not just any version, but an exclusive, original, and very expensive one.

Chairman of Refined Marques, Ahmed Al Bakry, son of Mohamed Al Bakry, a successful entrepreneur and collector of classic and luxury cars, said that, in addition to the model shown in these photos, he is planning a small series of 20 units, that are almost sold out. Al Bakry told German Auto Motor und Sport magazine that the first customer is an American supermodel but could not reveal her name.

Two additional doors in the rear for better access
The convertible built by Refined Marques is original because the rear doors are hinged at the back and open in opposite directions. Like other four-seater convertibles, the former generation Mercedes G-Class convertible had only two doors, but the engineers at Refined Marques wanted to provide more comfortable access to the rear seats.

The technical basis of the convertible is the Mercedes-AMG G 63. The engineers at Refined Marques have ditched the rear part of the roof behind the rear pillar and the tailgate and created a shape similar to the last generation G-Class Cabrio with the exception that now there are two rear doors that are basically half doors, in the style of the first Mini Clubman or BMW i3. The fabric roof structure is carried over from the last generation Mercedes G 500 Cabrio.

With narrower rear doors than the Mercedes G-Class, the cabrio version looks slightly more compact than the standard version, but this appears to be an optical illusion as the twin exhaust pipes that exit at the side are placed at the same distance from the rear wheels.

The interior is luxurious with red leather upholstery with grey stitching and grey leather inserts. Also, the dashboard, door panels, and bed door are covered in the same red leather as the interior of the red soft top. The red soft top contrasts with the sky blue body color, but Refined Marques says this is just one of the many color options available. At this prohibitively high price of $ 1.3 million (EUR 1.19 million), customers can choose any color combination they like at no extra cost.

However, the $ 1.3 million price tag is enormous considering that the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet with V12 engine, produced by Mercedes in only 99 units, cost 749,700 euros at market launch in 2018. Among the 99 owners of the Mercedes-AMG G 650 Landaulet is former tennis player Ion Tiriac.