Mercedes-AMG Drift Competition on Your Computer

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As Sean Bean has told us over and over again, winter is coming and we all know what that means: more drifting, both voluntary and involuntary. Obviously, owners of cars such as the Mercedes CL63 AMG have a big advantage, as they don’t need snow or any other kind of aid to see the direction they’re going through the side window…

I know we’re all craving to drive the new Mercedes-AMG S63 4MATIC Coupé but I’m afraid we’re gonna have to make do with the “old” CL63 AMG for this little video game from Mercedes-AMG. It’s called AMG Wintersport Drift Competition and, as you might have guessed it, it’s all about drifting.

Mercedes-AMG Drift Competition |

My first try. Ok, it was my second. Or maybe third?

Still, start spinning randomly like a little kid on caffeine and you’ll soon see the time run out and a score that’s a good result only when having your blood alcohol tested. The game isn’t focused on controlling the drift itself, but rather the direction of the slide. More to the point, the goal is to spray as much snow on as many of the drift boards as possible. If it helps, imagine somebody you really hate instead of those boards and watch the scores miraculously rise

If you’re looking for some tips I’m afraid I can’t help you that much: try closing in on the drift boards from a side and try to find a course that links multiple boards (preferably all of them, of course). Now go ahead and play the game for yourself by following this link. Do your worst!

Mercedes-AMG Drift Competition |

The real Mercedes CL63 AMG – when it’s not drifting in the snow, it likes to hang on to nearly vertical walls