Mercedes-AMG could scrap up to three quarters of its range

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With its models, Mercedes-AMG puts a significant CO2 stamp on Mercedes which is why there is even fear for the future of the AMG line-up. Due to the considerable CO2 emissions of the majority of AMG models, Mercedes would eventually “have to scrap up to three quarters of the range”.

Earlier this week, the Financial Times reported that a number of British Mercedes dealers feared the future of the Mercedes-AMG offering. However, Mercedes itself is not worried, because AMG also uses the (partly) electric powertrains.

Of course, the parent company Daimler AG has, among other things, ‘CO2 compensators’ in the barrel with the EQ line from Mercedes and with the electric Smart, but the fear is that this is not enough to keep up with the sharper CO2 requirements for the total fleet.

However, Mercedes is not worried, according to the British press which says that Mercedes-AMG also has cleaner powertrains in the barrel to ensure that the sportiest Mercedes-Benz also play a role in the future of the brand. There will be plug-ins and “a new model series with (partly) electric power lines”, with which AMG must also contribute to reducing the total CO2 emissions of the range that Daimler sells.

Among other things, the G-Class will receive a fully electric variant in the near future. In addition, it is likely that in the future sporting top versions of other Mercedes cars will combine a smaller combustion engine with electrical power to at least achieve the performance of the current versions. The roaring V8s will probably have to bow out soon.