Mercedes-AMG C 63 T-Modell meets its Audi RS4 Avant nemesis

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Mercedes-AMG C 63 T-Modell is arguably one of the most rounded package on sale today. Power, beauty, space and above all desirability, it has them all in spades. Audi doesn’t seem to agree though, thinking that their own RS4 Avant is till king of the hill. AutoExpress puts their claim to the test.

At its core, the C 63 is a well-oiled gorgeous estate blessed with a phenomenal engine, incidentally the very same thundering twin-turbo V8 making its rounds in the company of the Mercedes-AMG GT supercar – bar the dry sump lubrication. But good news don’t stop there. AMG’s wizards have made sure the mighty Merc is as impressive in corners as it is in a straight line… or in the parking lot of the children day care.

Mercedes-AMG C 63 T-Modell features heavily revised suspension geometry, stiffer springs and dampers and faster steering, all promising the kind of agility that could make a fully fledged supercar blush.

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The C 63 is based on the latest C-Class tech and design-wise and it shows, looking amazing with its chiseled body and gorgeous detailing. And that is before we even stepped into the interior, definitely one of the slickest in the segment today. The icing on the cake is that in Estate guise the Mercedes-AMG C 63 T-Modell is also as spacious and as versatile as any true family car.

In the other corner sits none other than the niche inventor itself, the Audi RS4. It its latest guise (still based on the older gen though) it manages to keep its chin up with unexpected aplomb, offering an enticing mix of ferocious performance and all-weather four-wheel-drive composure. Wait, the list of advantages is not over. The RS4 is just as beautifully built and designed as its Affalterbach-bred rival, costing £5,000 less… Tough call. So, which of the two super wagons wins the power race?

Find out for yourself by watching the video review below!