Mercedes-AMG C 63 R spotted – 557 hp hardcore C-Class

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Mercedes-AMG C 63 R proves there is always enough room for more spectacle. And this exactly what the 557 hp hardcore C-Class Coupe will offer. FIRST SPY PICS AND DETAILS via

Mercedes already supplies the relatively fresh C-Class Coupe in no less than three AMG versions: 43, 63 and 63 S. As if the 510 horsepower of the latter variant were not enough, Mercedes will soon add to the range the intense Mercedes-AMG C 63 R.

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Until recently, the superlative of Mercedes-AMG would be called ‘Black Series’, but with the appearance of the AMG GT R has become clear that it is no longer necessarily the case. Mercedes-AMG C 63 R therefore seems poised to take the spot of the Black Series, huge rear wing included. Apart from the wing, exterior differences from the regular 63 variants are otherwise limited.

The most obvious news this car brings is the 558 hp version of the 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 which was recently presented in the AMG GT Roadster C. With that power, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 R would be significantly stronger than the 63 S, without coming directly into the same league as the 585-hp AMG GT R range topper.

Coupled with some weight loss and a tighter chassis, the 558 hp still make for extremely impressive performance. The ‘normal’ 63 sprints in 4.0 seconds from 0-100 already, the ‘S’ does the same in about 3.9, so that R will creep closer to 3.5.

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