Mercedes-AMG A35 confirmed for 2018, says AutoBild

Mercedes-AMG A-Class
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Mercedes-AMG extends the model range of the A-Class with two sport versions: the new entry-level sport model will be called Mercedes-AMG A 35 and will deliver over 300 HP. The new model will come to Paris Motorshow in October 2018.


The new Mercedes-AMG A 35 will come to Paris Motorshow, according to Auto Bild informations.
Compared with the former A-Class generation, the new generation (W177) will include two AMG sport versions. The “base” AMG, named A 35 will deliver around 300 HP and will compete against Audi S3 and VW Golf R.

Auto Bild surprised the new AMG A 35 near the AMG test center at Nurburgring. The new AMG versions will de differentiated by the aggressive Panamericana grille with a large star on it in the style of the AMG GT R.

There are also rumours about an adaptive drive train with a race track mode.
The second version is the successor of the former A 45 and can be named again A 45 or A 50.

Both versions will feature a completely new 2 liter turbo engine with 4 cylinder which will reach a level of 200 HP/liter in case of A 45 AMG.

The new Mercedes-AMG A 35 is expected to have a price of around 45,000 euro while the new Mercedes-AMG A 45 will be more expensive than the former generation A 45 which cost 51,527 euro.