Mercedes already working on its own Tesla SUV

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Mercedes’ answer to the upcoming electric Tesla SUV is already on the drawing board. The future Mercedes-Benz eco-SUV could become reality as early as 2017.

According to Dutch site Autovisie, the idea has been confirmed by Dieter Zetsche himself with the Daimler CEO finding the prospect a very enticing one… without further elaborating.

The specific model expected to serve as the starting point for the new model has not yet been confirmed, but the likely candidate seems to be the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLC. Audi’s decision to base its own electric SUV on the upcoming Q5 seems to corroborate with this supposition.

The decision to use the GLC as the running foundation of the future Mercedes electric SUV could also bring a raft of advantages, especially in therms of packaging, weight and price.

Until Mercedes will decide to unwrap more info about their secret zero-emissions SUV, we can only sit tight, looking at what Tesla and its upcoming Model X will have to offer.