Mercedes A-Class facelift is coming at the end of 2022

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Launched in April 2018, the Mercedes A-Class hatchback will undergo a facelift at the end of 2022. The facelift operation will be extended to the AMG A35/45, but also to the A-Class limousine that appeared in September 2018.

Photo: auto motor und sport

New front and radiator grille
The facelift model will have a redesigned front, and the radar camera will be mounted behind the Mercedes logo. In addition, Mercedes will review the interior design of the headlights and spoiler that will benefit from new air intakes.

Also, in case of the limousine, the taillights receive a new interior design just like the headlights and the bumper has a new, more sporty look.

There are small changes inside as well: the equipment packages have been reconfigured; colors, designs and materials are also reviewed. Support systems have also been updated.

Range of engines
As cooperation with Renault has come to an end, Renault engines are expected to gradually disappear. Already the 1.5-liter diesel of Renault origin has been replaced with a weaker version of the 2-liter Mercedes OM654 engine with reduced power at 116 HP.

As for the petrol engines, Mercedes is currently working on a new generation of engines together with Geely, which will replace the Renault engines, but it will not be ready until next autumn. The new generation of engines made with Geely will have a stoichiometric ratio equal to 1 and will correspond to the future Euro 7 norms.

Compared to the cooperation with Renault, the cooperation with Geely has a great advantage. Mercedes will not modify an existing engine but will have the sovereignty to develop this engine that will be produced by Geely in China.

The facelift operation at the end of 2022 will target both the Mercedes A-Class hatch, the A-Class sedan and the B-Class, as well as the AMG A 35/45 sports versions.

It is unknown at this time  if Mercedes will electrify the 4-cylinder AMG engine of the AMG A 45 with the occassion of the facelift. In the summer of 2022 Mercedes will launch the new AMG C 63 which gives up the V8 engine and will take over the 4-cylinder engine from the AMG A 45 combined with an electric motor.