Mercedes A/B-Class facelift available to order

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Mercedes has announced prices for the Mercedes A/B-Class facelift. All diesel and petrol versions including the top AMG models are available to order but Plug-In Hybrid versions come later.

After the facelift, the new Mercedes A-Class hatch and sedan models have a new engine variant. The A 220 4Matic with a 2-litre 190 hp turbo engine has a mild hybrid system with integrated 14 hp starter generator and is mated to the 8-speed automatic transmission.
There is no manual transmission version. Only the two petrol models A 180 and A 200 with 1.3 litre engine of Renault origin are mated to the Getrag 7-speed automatic transmission.

Also, the AMG A 45 version with 387 hp (without S ) has disappeared from the range. Still, no AMG version is offered for the B-Class. Mercedes probably feels that a sporty AMG version is not suitable for a van.

Here are the price lists in detail:
A-Class hatch/sedan
A 180                 36,866.20 euro/37,639.70 euro
A 180 d              38,383.45 euro/38,978.45 euro
A 200                 39,668.65 euro/40,085.15 euro
A 200 d              40,346.95 euro/41,060.95 euro
A 220 4Matic    43,119.65 euro/43,595.65 euro
A 220 d             43,161.30 euro/43,875.30 euro
A 250 4Matic   49,509.95 euro/50,223.95 euro
AMG A 35         58,006.55 euro/58,780.05 euro
AMG A 45         72,700.75 euro/-

B 180                 37,580.20 euro
B 180 d              39,139.50 euro
B 200                 39,275.95 euro
B 200 d              41,281.10 euro
B 220 4Matic   43,155.35 euro
B 220 d             45,041.50 euro
B 250 4Matic   50,646.40 euro

Unlike the pre-facelift model, the Mercedes A/B-Class now comes standard with a premium navigation system with hard disk and 10.25-inch display, a rearview camera, leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel, heated Comfort seats and a lower Comfort suspension (not for PHEV versions). Progressive Line (1,100.75 euros) and AMG Line (3,558.10 euros) and Night Package (952 euros) are still available.

The options list has also been simplified thanks to the richer standard equipment and the grouping of some options into packages.
Thus, the Entry Advanced package (2,278.85 euro) is available for the basic version, the Progressive Line Advanced (3,379.60 euro) and Progressive Line Advanced Plus (4,980.15 euro) packages are available for the Progressive Line, and the AMG Line offers the AMG Line Advanced Plus (6,997.20 euro), AMG Line Premium (8,847.65 euro) and AMG Line Premium Plus (12,536.65 euro) packages. The AMG A 35 4Matic comes standard with the AMG Line and Advanced Plus packages while the AMG A 45 4Matic comes standard with the AMG Line Premium package.

The Mercedes A and B-Class still have halogen headlights with LED daytime running lights as standard, with LED headlights optional. LED taillights are standard instead. 16- or 17-inch light alloy wheels are standard depending on engine version.