Meet the perfect taxi driver. He’d even work out for you! Video

Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 4.5-liter in "Style Profile"
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She steps inside his Mercedes-Benz 280 SE. He is her taxi driver for today. So far, so good. Mercedes-Benz is giving some tips on how to get a 5-star rating if you are a taxi driver using the mytaxi smartphone app. The video is the fifth episode of “Style Profiles” by Mercedes-Benz.

The 4.5-liter blue Benz starts cruising. The driver, Kash Abdulamalik, is trying to make a good impression and he proves to master the art of small talk.

– I saw you wearing a fitness gear. Are you like a fitness instructor or something?

– No, I actually model, but I have an active lifestyle, so these are actually my own brand, Sweat.

Taxi driver Adrianne Ho

The girl sitting in the rear seats of his Mercedes is none other than the fitness guru Adrianne Ho, who also designs her own line of fitness outfits and promotes an active lifestyle. To further impress her, Kash provides some entertainment. He starts singing out loud. Well, maybe we can skip this from the guide about how to get the best rating. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea in the first place.

Offer fancy beverages. He gives the girl a drink, but he says he prefers something else.

Go the extra mile. She’s asking the driver to come in with her and help her pick something up and he can’t say no to the Canadian-born model with exotic Chinese roots.

Her driver is trying to find common ground.

– Do you work out?

– I have been known to work out. I hike with my dog often.

Taxi driver goes to fitness

But apparently, the brunette beauty thinks he can do more than that, so by the end of the video, he’s really sweating in the fitness room, together with other beautiful sports lovers. That is really going the extra mile. So if this doesn’t give him a 5-star rating, nothing else ever will! Watch the video to see how hard this guy is trying to impress the pretty customer.