Meet Grandpa Lewis – Champions don’t play it safe!

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Champions don’t play safe. Even kids know that much. So Mercedes AMG PETRONAS and Allianz brought “Grandpa Lewis” to the screen to prove that daredevils can drive safely even when pushing the limits.

Mercedes AMG PETRONAS has partnered up with Allianz to run the companies’ road safety campaign and they are doing it in just the right way to get the public’s attention. They dressed the world champion Lewis Hamilton up to look like an old senile grandfather and surrounded him with kids tired of his Formula 1 stories, sometime in 2066, in an old English style mansion.

“Did I ever tell you about the time your Grandpa became world champion in 2008?”

“Of course, you did!”

“How about 2014?”

“How about 2015?”

The grandchildren have heard those stories time after time.

“Your Grandpa was a very cautious driver”, the story begins. “He never took any risks. Never! And I always did what everyone was expecting of me.”

But the “playing it safe” part has the same effect on them every time: boring! They can’t believe it either and that’s no way to teach kids to follow their dreams!

This time, the kids want to know how he did it, so stories about shattering the boundaries make them light up with joy.

“Dare to follow your instincts. Dare to follow your dreams! Dare to. We’re with you”, is the world champion’s advice. That’s how world champions are made. Whether Lewis Hamilton will tell his grandchildren about how he became world champion in 2016 as well, remains to be seen. Currently, he is closing in on teammate Nico Rosberg, with just 9 points behind the leader.