Mechatronik Project 107 in tests at Hockenheim

Remake Mercedes SLC (C107)
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Last spring we announced that the Mechatronik is working at a project of a modern Mercedes SLC (C107). Now, Mechatronik Project 107 has performed the first tests at Hockenheim.

Mechatronik was founded in 1997 and has evolved from a company with only three employees located in Großbottwar, Swabia, to an international company with 40 employees located in the north of Stuttgart. They not only deals with the restoration, servicing, repair and sale of classic and supersport models but also with the creation of its own models based on classic Mercedes models.

So far, Mechatronik has created W111 coupe and convertible models with modern technology under the name “New tech” and Pagoda with modern technology. Now comes a third model.

This is the SLC coupe (C107), the successor to the Pagoda. Two prototypes started the first tests on the Hockenheim race track, covering over 300 laps in two days with very good reliability. Only the windshield and two pads were changed. The test cars are still camouflaged but it is difficult to hide the modified front with a more generous lower air intake. The ground clearance of the Project 107 is smaller than that of the classic models from which they are derivated. But in order to respect the original design, the chrome bumper between the radiator grille and the lower air intake was kept. Instead, Project 107 has the exhaust in the central area with two exhaust pipes while at the original model was on the left. Mechatronik does not yet show photos of the interior and the engine, but in the photo from front it can be seen that the driver and passenger will benefit of the excellent lateral support of the Recaro sport seats.

Mechatronik Project 107

Two versions from which one with V8 and manual gearbox

The original Mercedes SLC (C107) model had 6-cylinder engines (280 SLC/185 HP) and V8 (350 SLC/200 HP, 380 SLC/218 HP), 450 SLC/225 HP and 500 SLC/240 HP).
For project 107, Mechatronik is preparing two versions and says that one of them will be a V8 combined with a manual gearbox, a combination that you can no longer find today at Mercedes.
We speculate that Mechatronik could use the 4.3-liter, 279 HP V8 introduced on the E 430 in 1997 or a larger 5.5-liter V8 with three valves per cylinder and two spark plugs with 367 HP from the CLK 55 AMG.

Nothing is known about the price, but neither how fast will Project 107 on a lap on Hockenheim ring. But the other W111 models in the portfolio cost 400,000 euros with the 4.3-liter V8.
And we believe that the 4.70-meter-long coupe Project 107 will reach a six-figure sum, especially if it will have a larger V8 engine.