Mcchip-dkr raise the G 63 AMG both literally and metaphorically

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Someone has to gather round all these tuning companies for a talk about their ridiculous naming schemes. Until then, though, mcchip-dkr will keep their name and we’re gonna have to keep using it.

But it doesn’t really matter what they’re called as long as they come up with wonderful stuff like this Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG. One of my personal issues with the G 63 AMG has always concerned the fact that it ceases to look like an off-roader with its lowered suspension, big rims and shiny paintjob.

Mcchip-dkr seem to be on the same wavelength as me and so they lifted the G 63 AMG by no less than 15 centimeters while also making it 24 centimeters wider. This makes the G 63 AMG look a lot more aggressive but in that asphalt eating way we’re used to, but more of a go anywhere aggression type.

And it suits the big Mercedes. The new 18 inch wheels also fit well with the rest of the look, as do the off-road tires which round off the newly discovered adventurous side of the G 63 AMG.

But no matter how tall, wide or well equipped for adventure the G 63 AMG is, it still packs a lot of punch once it hits the open road due to its twin–turbo V8 engine. Well, this is where mcchip-dkr intervened again and jacked up the total power of the engine from 544 hp and 760 Nm to 810 hp and 950 Nm. This was done with the help of custom turbos, a special exhaust system and modified engine software.

If you feel like these mcchip-dkr modifications are a bit conflictual, you’re not alone: on the one hand, you give the SUV a more off-roadish look and better terrain capabilities, and on the other you pump up the power so it can now reach a maximum speed of 230 km/h (up from 210 km/h previously). But with those tires, you’d have to be mad to go over 130 km/h anyway…

This leads me to believe mcchip-dkr’s modifications are not in anyway for those who actually want to go off-roading, but for those who want to look like they want to go off-roading. And, apparently, there’s no shortage of this kind of customers.