Man modifies his Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1300 L37 and is ready for doomsday

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With social distancing being the new norm during the coronavirus pandemic, a vehicle in which you can live in makes a fabulous idea. And the idea has got a name: the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1300 L37.

Whoever said that the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is mainly for off-roading, never saw the coronavirus pandemic coming. Actually, nobody did. An outdoor enthusiast from Australia, Rohnny Dahl, converted his truck into a camper. He now lives in the wild, camps on pristine beaches and in uncharted forests, staying away from civilization.

His truck is a Unimog U1300 L37 from 1992, that received several aftermarket components. The model received additional LED lights and an extra fuel tank, so it can suck up 220 liters of diesel fuel. It is all for its inline-six-cylinder diesel direct-injection engine.

What other modifications did the Unimog U1300 L37 receive?

Dooomsday may come, this vehicle is screams “Bring it on!” The Unimog U1300 L37 belonging to Rhonny Dahl became a vehicle that can stay away from modern resources for quite a long time. It received a Honda generator, a water pump and a water filtration system. Rhonny sleeps in the inflatable roof tent that provides him with all the comfort a usual accommodation would. There is room for a whole family up there! His wife and daughter are just as much into life in the wild as he is.

Ample storage and large draws make transform the multi-purpose Unimog in a walk-in closet.

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A central tire inflation system spares him the trouble when rough terrain catches him by surprise and gives him a puncture during the expeditions.

For further ride comfort, Rhonny fully insulated the cab. He highlights that fact that, despite the massive modification, the adventure-focused Unimog has kept its personality.

And despite all the satisfaction that it brings, it is for sale. Rhonny is selling the vehicle for $350,000. By selling it, the Australian will make room for a new 4×4 project. Why not a Unimog again?