Making snow angels behind the wheel – The winter driving event

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With half of the world buried in snow, there are some individuals making the best of it. Drivers in search of adrenaline are making their own snow angels. On a closed circuit and all having the certificate of professionals or being safeguarded by pros. So please, do not try to imitate them on the road!

Mercedes-Benz Driving Events is helping drivers see winter from a whole new perspective. Flurry frosty days are nothing. Snow drifts are everything. Pro instructors are giving amateurs one-to-one coaching so they can handle black ice and snowy roads better. Or just for the sake of fun!

Winter Driving Event (5)

The winter driving events are set to happen in Sorsele, Sweden. First of the series has already taken place and that is where we are bringing you the pictures from. If you missed this one, the next are programed every weekend until the end of February and they are offered for 4,700 euros.

During a 4-day training, 3 of which spent behind the wheel, your agenda will include drifting in circles, drift slalom, ice course, a rally special stage and so many others. You are the one who has the possibility to choose what you want to focus on.

For the event, the C-Class saloon, the C-Class Coupe and the C-Class Estate are all available for the frozen kingdom of driving.

Photos via EventPhotos.