Major facelift for B-Class

New Mercedes B-Class
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After almost three years on the market and 350,000 units sold, Mercedes renew the B-Class sport tourer: new exterior design, new equipments and changes in the engine range. 

The B-Class had a crucial mission in autumn 2011: to open the path for new generation of Mercedes compact cars based on the new MFA platform (Mercedes Front Antrieb). On the other hand, the new B-Class not only replaced the old B-Class but he had to address also to the former owners of higher  A-Class, based on sandwich platform. The old A-Class was very much appreciated by seniors due to very good access and high driving position. And B-Class was very successful registering more than 350,000 sales since launch in October 2011.

After three years Mercedes decide that is the time for a facelift and modifications are important in every direction.

Mercedes Clasa B 12

From the front, new B-Class has a new bumper and a wider radiator grille with two louvers. The integral daytime running lights are now integrated in the headlamps. The rear bumper has also been modified and now features a contoured covering and an additional chrome trim strip. Optional, Mercedes offers LED High performance headlamps (not available for B-Class Electric Drive and Natural Gas Drive).

At the interior , the main news is the larger free standing display with a diagonal up to 20.3 cm (8 inch) instead of 7 inch in the past and the stylish dial layout for the instrument cluster. There is also a choice of 12 colours for the ambient lighting.

Equipment lines were upgraded and updated  in line with A-Class and CLA-Class

The equipment lines are completely new and were adapted to the logic from A, CLA and GLA. Old packages Chrom, Sport, Night and Exclusive were replaced by Style, Urban and AMG Line and above them, Night, Exclusive and AMG Exclusive Packages provide more options for individualizations. New is also Keyless-Go facility offered as an option.

Mercedes Clasa B 44

The actual B-Class has a high standard of safety and after facelift, the level was enhanced again. Collision Prevention Assist Plus extends the functionality of Collision Prevention Assist with autonomous partial braking and standard feature Attention Assist has been upgraded, operate within an extended speed range between 60 and 200 km/h and uses a five stage bar display to visualize the driver’s current attention level.

In the engine range, the most important modification is the cancelling of the 1.8 litre turbodiesel engine from the former B 200 CDI. Now, B 200 CDI is powered by the well known 2.1 litre turbodiesel and deliver the same 136 HP like before. The B 220 CDI deliver now 177 HP, a plus of 7 HP.

Four petrol and four diesel engines, four 4Matic versions and two versions with alternative propulsion

The diesel range promises a very low fuel consumption with values ranging from 3.6 to 5.0 l/100 km, meanwhile the petrol versions uses between 5.4 and 6.6 l/100 km. Also, Mercedes offers now four versions with 4Matic compared with only one version in the past. B 200 CDI, B 220 CDI and B 250 are available also with 4Matic meanwhile B 220 is offered exclusively with 4Matic like before.

The orders begins from September 12 and the facelift models will arrive at showrooms on November 29. The world premiere will take place at Paris Motor Show at the beginning of October.

Mercedes will offer also two versions with alternative propulsion: B 200 Natural gas and B-Class Electric Drive. Both use the B-Class’s modular Energy space body concept. Despite the fact that Mercedes renounce to the sandwich platform the new MFA platform offers all the facilities for alternative propulsion. The underbody houses one large and two smaller gas tanks and a 14-litre petrol tank (B 200 Natural Gas Drive) or the lithium-ion battery (B-Class Electric Drive). Due to this intelligent packaging method, the five-seater model has been able to retain the generously proportioned luggage compartment for which it is known. Both versions with alternative propulsion will be available from November 3.

Technical data Mercedes B-Class EU petrol versions 

ModelB 180B 180 BEB 200B 220 4MaticB 250B 250 4matic
Engine typeL4, turboL4, turboL4, turboL4, turboL4, turboL4, turbo
Displacement (cmc)159515951595199119911991
Max. power/revs(CP/rpm)122/5000122/5000156/5300184/5500211/5500211/5500
Max. torque/revs(Nm/rpm)200/1250-4000200/1250-4000250/1250-4000300/1200-4000350/1200-4000350/1200-4000
Transmisssionman. 6 sp./aut. 7 6 6 sp./aut. 7 sp.aut. 7 sp.aut. 7 sp.aut. 7 sp.
L/w/h (mm)4393/1786/15574393/1786/15584393/1786/15584393/1786/15584393/1786/15584393/1786/1558
Wheelbase (mm)269926992699269926992699
Boot volume (l)488-1547488-1547488-1547488-1547488-1547488-1547
Kerb weight/payload (kg)1395/5651395/5651395/5651505/5251465/5251505/525
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s)9.3 (9.2)9.38.6 (8.4)(7.5)(6.8)(6.7)
Maximum speed (km/h)200 (200)190220 (220)(225)(240)(235)
Combined fuel consumption (l/100 km)5.6 (5.4)5.25.6 (5.4)(6.5)(6.1)(6.6)
Emission CO2 (g/km)129 (125)122130 (125)(151)(141)(154)
Price (euro with VAT)27,102.2527,578.2529,036.0033,647.2535,134.7537,336.25
Values in brackets for automatic version

Technical data Mercedes B-Class EU diesel versions

ModelB 160 CDIB 180 CDIB 180 CDI BEB 200 CDIB 200 CDI 4MaticB 220 CDIB 220 CDI 4Matic
Engine typeL4, turbo-dieselL4, turbo-dieselL4, turbo-dieselL4, turbo-dieselL4, turbo-dieselL4, turbo-dieselL4, turbo-diesel
Displacement (cmc)1461146114612143214321432143
Max. power/revs(CP/rpm)90/2750-4000109/4000109/4000136/3200-4000136/3200-4000177/3600-3800177/3600-3800
Max. torque/revs(Nm/rpm)240/1700-2500260/1750-2500260/1750-2500300/1400-3000300/1400-3000350/1400-3400350/1400-3400
Transmissionman. 6 sp., aut. 7 6 sp., aut. 7 6 6 sp./aut. 7 sp.aut. 7 sp.aut. 7 sp.aut. 7 sp.
L/w/h (mm)4393/1786/15584393/1786/15584393/1786/15404393/1786/15584393/1786/15584393/1786/15584393/1786/1558
Wheelbase (mm)2699269926992699269926992699
Boot volume (l)488-1547488-1547488-1547488-1547488-1547488-1547488-1547
Kerb weight/payload (kg)1420/5651420/5651395/5051485/5401575/5201505/5201575/520
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s)14.0 (14.3)11,6 (11,9)11.69.9 (9.8)(9.8)(8.3)(8.3)
Maximum speed (km/h)180 (180)190 (190)190210 (210)(207)(224)(220)
Combined fuel consumption (l/100 km)4.1 (4.0)4.1 (4.0)3.64.3 (4.0)(5.0)(4.1)(5.0)
Emission CO2 (g/km)108 (104)108 (104)94111 (104)130(107)(130)
Price (euro with VAT)27,905.5028,857.5029,333.5031,088.7535,462.0036,027.2538,228.75
Values in brackets for automatic version

Technical data Mercedes B-Class EU alternative versions 

ModelB 200 Natural GasB-Class Electric Drive
Engine typeL4, turboelectric engine
Displacement (cmc)1991
Max. power/revs(CP/rpm)156/5000180
Max. torque/revs(Nm/rpm)270/1250-4000340
Transmissionman. 6 sp., aut. 7 sp.1 sp.
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s)9.2 (9.1)7.9
Maximum speed (km/h)200 (200)160
Combined fuel consumption4.3 kg (4.2 kg)16.6 kwh/100 km
Emission CO2 (g/km)117 (115)0
Price (euro with VAT, GER)32,903.50na
Values in brackets for automatic version