Magellano Edition 1: Actros turns into luxury motorhome

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If you want to go anywhere in style, the Magellano Edition 1 is the right travel companion. This luxury motorhome is built by Michael Ebner and is based on the Actros Mercedes Actros 1842 Gigaspace.

The two-axle vehicle with a wheelbase of 6.10 meters reaches a maximum length of 10.60 meters, a height of 3.99 meters and a width of 2.50 meters, which is magnified again by the two slide out sections. Nevertheless, the Magellano Edition 1 is only a four-seater – two pivoting chairs in the cockpit and two more behind. The minimum headroom is 1.95 meters in all rooms.

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The Magellano Edition 1 is powered by a 12.7-liter six-cylinder turbodiesel with 421 hp and 2,100 Nm of torque, that sips its diesel from a 390-liter tank. The curb weight is depending on equipment and is usually rated at 16 tonnes with a total weight of 18 tons. Another 3.5 tonnes may be packed on the trailer coupling.

Luxury ambience and floor heating

The fresh water tank has a capacity of 750 liters, the gray water tank 500 liters, the black water tank 350 liters, and the water heater another 20 liters.

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Magellano 1 is made of 50 mm thick fiberglass sandwich panels. But true luxury lies behind: an U-shaped eating space with a table for up to 8 people. The table can also be used as a bed (1.40 x 2.20 meters), but must not be, because there are better alternatives. In the cab, an electric lift bed is (2.50 x 1.50 meters) comes with a bedroom double bed (1.80 x 2.00 meters). There is also a bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower. Other refreshments are available in the kitchen. Over a length of 2.60 meters there is a refrigerator (180 liters), a freezer (70 liters), a stove with two gas burners, oven, grill and microwave, and a marble countertop.

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Magellano Edition 1 from 680,000 Euro

For a comfortable climate in all rooms, Magellano Edition 1 comes with floor heating, two air conditioners and various electric heaters – even in the rear garage and the “basement”. Should not go unmentioned: automatic stairway with lights, the outdoor shower, and the waterproof floors and washable walls.

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Still not enough highlights? Ok, there is also an on-board diesel generator and 7 kW batteries, LED lights in the interior, a Bose sound system, two large flat screens with satellite, internet access, an alarm system with all-round monitoring, a gas detector and a defibrillator.

And the price? If you have to ask… 680.000 Euro, with the camping fee on top of it.

Photo: Ebner

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