Luxury Mercedes at the end of the world: Unimog EarthCruiser Australia Explorer XPR440

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There is no similarity in the car market for the Mercedes Unimog series. The mixture of off-road vehicles and tractors has become a Swiss knife for cars today.

For Unimog trucks, you can buy all kinds of accessories to take advantage of exceptionally short-range climbing gears, portal-axle and all-wheel drive. But this is not just a shovel, a road cleaner or snowblower, but a luxury caravan, of course, with the right build.

An Australian company, EarthCruiser Australia, has launched the Explorer XPR440, an Unimog with a raised roof, a staircase drain and a canopy drain, in short a smart luxury home. There is a full bathroom, air conditioning, fridge, microwave, sink, and everything else needed for civilized life beyond civilization.

The Unimog U430 also has about 800 liters of fuel and 860 liters of drinking water – the former is approx. This is enough for 3500 km – which makes it suitable for long expeditions. Of course there is a navigation system, so it is quite difficult to get lost with it, and a camera system that is supposed to store 45 days of recording.

For the sake of local traffic, of course, you do not need to start up the 7.7 liter 304 horsepower turbo diesel engine for this purpose, but use the onboard electric motorcycle powered by the XPR440.

It has not been announced how much the Australians are asking for their creation, so price remains a mistery for now.