LUMMA CLR G 800 – The Mercedes GLE Coupe turning into a predator

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Whatever this used to be, it was a long time ago. And it doesn’t even show a similar corner with the original vehicle. But it’s all right, we’ll give you the inside information. It is a Mercedes GLE 63 AMG sporting an insane kit conceived by LUMMA Design, the first ever wide-body conversion for the new Mercedes SUV.

The latest Mercedes SUV has gone through a complete makeover in the LUMMA Design laboratories to become the most savage of the predators: the LUMMA CLR G 800. “Adventurous like an SUV, elegant like a Coupé.” This is how Mercedes-Benz describes their 4Matic-equipped GLE Coupé. Building on this premise, LUMMA Design has sharpened its silhouette and edges, giving it the kind of confident street appeal that goes down well with buyers in the Middle East and Asia.

Lumma Design

The front end has been completely redesigned and now integrates a bespoke bumper, a brand new and lower splitter, a revised front grille and air intakes with a different look. To make the GLE more ferocious, LUMMA added a menacing bonnet to give the V8 space to breathe, since it now goes up to 650 HP from its original 585 HP. Flared front and rear wheel arches will emphasize the predator look and give it an extra 5 mm width per side. Under those, gigantic 24-inch wheels have found room to roll the car.

Moving towards the rear, there is the arresting air diffuser made of carbon fiber, together with a new quad exhaust black pipes with a 1000 mm diameter, that guarantee a memorable soundtrack. A bootlid lip spoiler to match all these has been installed upon the car.

Lumma Design

As for the interior, which is still in development, high-quality materials, including a variety of fine woods, leathers and carbon-fiber trim help create an out-of-this-world ambience. The customer’s imagination is the only limit here. That is all the LUMMA experts are giving away for the moment, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

The car will make its global debut right before the Frankfurt Auto Show in September, but the official presentation will take place next year, in Geneva.