Lucky number 30,000! Thank-you, Facebook fans!

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We proudly announce that we have hit the 30,000 Facebook fans benchmark on Facebook and the number is rapidly growing. A refresh at a 10-minute interval brings 5 new fans on our social media page.

Who would have thought it would happen that fast? In a blink, our fans helped us reach and go beyond 30,000 people following us on our official Facebook page.

Therefore we bring thanks to all those who take the time to like our posts on new cars, future cars, classic cars and click the link to read more. We praised and criticized models and technologies. We laughed when some driver was inapable of parking a Benz and we suffered together when the company announced a model was dismissed. As cheesy as it may seem, it was all for you, the people who are with us day in and day out.

After more than 2,550 posts on our website, we can take a deep breath and say: What a ride it has been. And we can tell you this much: the journey has just begun! Travel with us!