Lost and found – Man finds stolen Mercedes with the help of an app

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The owner of a stolen Mercedes became a private detective over night. He eventually found his car and led the police to the suspects. The thieves had already changed the plates and had started stripping the car.

Hassan Liaquat’s heart skipped a beat when he got out of the house and couldn’t see his brand-new Mercedes-Benz C250* parked in the driveway in Bradford, UK, ten days ago. He had paid £40,000 ($52,000) for it and now it was nowhere to be found.

He immediately reported the disappearance to the police and put out appeals for its return on social media. The car dealer offered him a car dealership to download on his phone to try to track it down. Which he did.  The app map showed a location signal and Liaquat followed the instructions.

“When I got there the unit was all locked up. I had a spare key for the car and I could hear it on the other side opening and locking when I pressed the fob,” he said.

He called the police and told them to come get his car back. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw it behind the doors opened by force by the authorities. The thieves had already taken the seats out and had changed the plates.

“I was desperate to get it back. It cost me nearly £40,000 when I bought it new last year. It’s my pride and joy”, Hassan Liaquat says happy to see his expensive car back.

The thieves had taken the car keys from his very living room, as they were hanging above the fireplace, while the family was sound asleep. There were three car keys there, but only the Benz seemed interesting to them.  The victim of the theft changed the locks of his home.


*Archive photo.