Looking for the Summer

Flowers in fashion at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York
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Mercedes-Benz is looking for the summer at the MB Fashion Week. In New York, the famous designer Tommy Hilfiger had the most hubristic décor so far, in this year’s event. He filled the catwalk with flowers and used a live band for his show.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring/Summer Collection 2015 widely opened the eyes of the high class fashion spectators in New York. Right at the feet of the Manhattan skyscrapers, Hilfiger’s art director put flowers all along the catwalk, for the androgynous models to step on with designer stilettos. The one and only American designer paraded both floral and geometrical prints, dark red and black garments – already a trademark for the fashion guru – in a flashback from the 60’s and mid 50’s.

A live band made the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Hilfiger parade look like a rock festival.