Look and Dream: High-end Mobile Home Based on the Zetros (update photos)

Mercedes Zetros mobile home
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The Mercedes-Benz Zetros provides the platform for this high-end mobile home. Therefore, many coachbuilders start to convert it into an ultimate mobile home. One of the most recent ones celebrated its premiere at the end of August at the Caravan Show in Düsseldorf.

The Zetros is a military truck. No doubt about this. Just a glance and we see those 16.00 R 20 off-road tyres and all the stuff about the all wheel drive. This is definitely not a tarmac truck. Much more than that, a trained eye can notice that the Zetros can be airlifted by the C-130 Hercules with just a few preparations. Despite all characteristics, from 2008, when it was revealed, only kaki forces have ordered a few hundred units. On the other hand, maybe we do not know the whole truth! Designed for extreme off-road operations, the Zetros quickly became useful for rescue, construction or agricultural applications.

And also for… loisire. You can google as much as you want, but you cannot find a vehicle configuration with prices – probably it is a “bit” expensive. So, in a middle of a fleet of Maybach, Brabus, AMG, what can be more exclusive and opulent? One Funmog full of chrome? Nein! One Zetros mobile home with 4 to 10 tons of pure luxury. Can we count luxury in tons?

The vehicle is powered by a six-cylinder in-line engine with 7.2 l displacement and 240 kW (326 hp) output plus the BlueTec technology combined with the six-speed Allison automatic transmission. Its OM 926 LA can turn up with different fuels, including kerosene. The Zetros is available in two configurations, 1833 (4×4) – 4,000 to 6,000 kg payload and Zetros 2733 (6×6) – 7,000 to 10,000 kg payload. Performances of this kind of trucks are still secret, but we expect that it exceeds 100 km/h.

Forget about the narrow width, coil springs and discs brake, this is not a Unimog. The Zetros has nothing to do with the Unimog. The Zetros is much closer to the Arocs AWD. However, it still goes through 1.5 m deep water. It is a real huge truck – only the length of the cab measures 3.33 m (almost like a SWB G Wagen) – the rear platform measures between 5.1 to 6.2 m, depending on the number of wheels.

Zetros – Reisemobil – Caravan-Salon 2014

A typical feature is its cab-behind-engine configuration, which makes for the easy entry and exit, plus a single-level, spacious cab as well as excellent off-road ride comfort thanks to the seat position between the axles. The conventional design reduces the drivers fatigue and delivers a virtually ideal weight distribution, plus payload reserves on the front axle. Compared with the cab-over-engine designs, the standard production, all-wheel chassis and drive train, with the cab behind the engine, combines a much smoother ride with extraordinary off-road ability, even in extreme terrain.

The back home is signed by Hartmann from Germany, the cab and body of the mobile home are connected by a passage. Walls, roof and floor are made of one-piece, galvanized and plastic-coated panels. They offer high stability, as well as excellent insulation thanks to a maximum wall thickness of 100 mm. Another special feature is an electrically powered slide-out to the left in the direction of travel with a carbon-fibre outer skin and pneumatic seals. Heating elements stop ice and snow from collecting on it. The slide-out increases the living area to a length of 2.5 m. At the rear, a sturdy load carrier with hydraulic lift is capable of carrying a motorcycle.

The high-specification interior equipment and appointments are from Hünerkopf, a specialist supplier based in Neukirchen near Kassel. The layout is just as carefully thought out, as it is comfortable. A spacious L-shaped seating arrangement with kitchenette is complemented in the central section by a bathroom with washroom and toilet plus a separate shower cubicle. A roomy double bed rounds off the accommodation at the rear. The high-grade furnishings in the mobile home are trimmed with a real-wood veneer in bird’s-eye maple. The quintuple-lacquered and polished surface produces a brilliant high-gloss effect. Both the floor and the kitchen worktop are furnished in lightweight natural stone. The large sofa in the slide-out is upholstered in breathable genuine leather.

The high-grade entertainment system with automatic satellite dish and internet connection acts as a connection to the outside world. The living and sleeping areas are each equipped with a LED screen. A perfect acoustic experience is ensured by a Bose sound system. A refreshing shower is a source for special pleasure in this mobile home: the walls of the shower cubicle are provided with a real-glass mosaic pattern with decorative background lighting. Light plays a prominent role on board: this is the first mobile home to feature organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) for illumination. They produce a warm, even and continuously dimmable light. Added to this, they have a very low power consumption.

Tanks holding 300 l of fresh water and 600 l of diesel ensure extended independence from all infrastructure on long journeys. This is also guaranteed by the combination of lithium-ion batteries and a solar energy system. If necessary, there is a power generator on hand to meet all energy needs. The impressive array of on-board equipment additionally includes two independently operated, diesel-powered hot-water heaters and an air conditioner.