A long-forgotten Mercedes–Benz Unimog comes back to life

1964 Mercedes-Benz Unimog
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If you spend a few days in Los Angeles you will notice it for sure. David Roth’s 1964 Mercedes-Benz Unimog, pilled with adventure gear. It was originally an ambulance for the German military in 1964 and much later, in 2000, it was bought by Roth and his fiancé. They rebuilt the four-wheel monster in a road-trip vehicle that has taken them from Mojave desert to Southern California. Roth kept a journal where he outlined the date and mileage of every tire or oil change and now he offers advice for first-time owners.

In the first place, the owner will have to find a place to park this huge four-wheel monster, in order to avoid the costs of added tickets. Many destinations in the world have certain restrictions regarding the maximum weight and height of the vehicle allowed in their lots.

In the second place, they must learn how to change a tire in any weather conditions – this will cut down the overall costs of owning a road-trip vehicle.

You have to be one step ahead of the mechanics who will repair your vehicle. You sure don’t want to be ripped off, so you need to know your vehicle better than them. Ask question, it is good to know “how” but it’s crucial to understand the reason “why”. Once you understand your vehicle, you will notice if something goes wrong when you hear a weird engine sound, for example.

When you own a vehicle like the Unimog, you have to keep the toolbox stocked with extra parts and tools, otherwise you won’t be unable to repair any minimum damage. In addition to this, Roth keeps a first-aid kit, a sleeping bag, hand wipes and four sets of chains for the winter.

This unique vehicle attracts attention like a magnet and, therefore, you must expect many questions from bystanders. It is not a popular, seen-on-the-road type of vehicle, thus you have to embrace their curiosity and answer questions related to mileage, renovations and price points. After all, the Unimog is the perfect off-road vehicle, a force that can take you anywhere in the outdoors.