LIVE@IAA: New electric Mercedes confirmed by engineering boss

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The Frankfurt motorshow has revived the idea of an all-new electric Mercedes. The company’s engineering boss Dr Thomas Weber confirmed for the second time the imminent launch of the Tesla Model S killer.

According to Autocar, the all-new electric vehicle will be unveiled in the following year, as Mercedes’ response to rivals Porsche and Audi IAA show stars, the Mission E and e-tron quattro concepts expected to reach production as soon as 2017 or 2018.

“We are working on a highly attractive electric vehicle with a range between 400 and 500 kilometers (248 and 310 miles) thanks to lithium batteries with double the energy density of current components,” Weber explains.

To add even more substance to the belief that an all-new electric Mercedes is closer than ever, Daimler has recently opened two subsidiaries for dedicated to EV batteries and their lithium ion cells development and production. The electric drive concept developed for the Tesla killer will trickle down to smaller models in the range as well, so the time and money invested by Mercedes in this jewel project should easily pay off.

Mercedes’ tradition in electric vehicles technology goes back to the beginning of the decade as the company has already spawned zero emissions battery-driven variants of the A-Class, B-Class, smart fortwo minicar and even the SLS AMG supercar.