LIVE – World premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Stay tuned!

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The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will be revealed in less than 24 hours, in Duisburg, Germany. We are to see the exterior of the van after having seen the brand-new interior.

The new van is set to put an end to the collaboration between Mercedes and Volkswagen, with the latter already manufacturing its own Crafter. It was time the Stuttgart-based brand launched a new model, as the current one saw the light of day back in 2006 and underwent a facelift in 2013.

With the front fascia inspired by the V-Class, flatter headlights and swept back lines, the new design of the Sprinter will also feature new driver assistance systems and connectivity services, all integrated to ensure a step forward in terms of efficiency in vehicle and fleet management.

The future Sprinter will be built in South Carolina, at the Mercedes’ new plant in North Charleston. That will cut short the high import taxes, a matter important to the manufacturer as the United States are the second largest single market for the van. In Europe, the Sprinter will roll of the assembly lines of the Dusseldorf plant. A van plant in the outskirts of Berlin will also produce it.

The dashboard recently shown features elements of the company’s passenger cars, integrating a big-sized screen, round vents and a touchscreen. A color display will also find room between the dials.

The new Sprinter generation will also include a full electric variant, set to arrive in 2019.