LIVE IAA 2017: Mercedes-Benz media night – Mercedes-AMG Project One and smart autonomous concept

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The Formula 1 derived Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar and the smart vision EQ fortwo are only two of the greatest Mercedes highlights at the IAA 2017 Frankfurt motor show that is traditionally the automotive highlight of the autumn. LIVE REPORT.

And tonight we had the unique privilege of seeing them up close and personal, in advance, at the exclusive media event held tonight at the over 100 years old Frankfurt Festival Hall. Now we are giving you the chance to be the first to find out everything there is to know, live from Germany.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is the first occasion for the automakers since March to showcase their latest automotive creations. And Mercedes-Benz is not holding back. Their biggest premiere is without doubt the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar. A technological marvel, the show car revealed at the Mercedes-Benz Media Night on the eve of the IAA is the highlight of AMG’s 50-year anniversary.

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The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is the most ambitious project the performance and sports car brand has ever planned. The car was introduced to the stage by none other than former Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton, currently back on the number one spot in the 2017 Championship drivers’ ranking.

The hybrid propulsion system (V6 1.6 turbo gasoline engine, two electric engines driving the front axle, another one driving the rear axle – MGU-K, and one more, called MGU-H, virtually driving the turbocharger electrically so no need to rely on excess exhaust gases as until now) from Formula 1 provide a fascinating combination of performance and efficiency.


Total output will be in excess of 1.000 HP and top speed is estimated to easily crack the 350 km/h barrier. The hypercar’s series version will be the first ever automobile to feature genuine Formula 1 hybrid technology. Only 275 cars will be produced at an estimated asking price of 2.275 million euro.

At the other spectrum of the line-up we find the smart vision EQ fortwo, a preview of the future urban mobility. The autonomous fully electric concept car picks up passengers from their chosen location, greets them and takes them to where they need to go. Driving-free, emission-free, hazard-free. The show car is the first ever built by Daimler Group that ditches the steering wheel and pedals.


This fully autonomously driving study is the first model to comprehensively embody all four pillars of the corporate strategy CASE: “Connected”, “Autonomous”, “Shared” and “Electric”. It stands for maximum mobility efficiency in and for the urban environment thanks to systematic further development of the carsharing concept, and makes the vision of individualised, highly flexible urban public transport a reality. In fact, more than fifty electrified cars, ten of which will be electric, are set to go into series production by 2022.

Tomorrow morning, stay tuned for the the Mercedes-Benz press conference, which will take place on the first press day, 12 September, at 9:35 a.m. We’ll be again reporting live from the event with the latest technical details and photos of the Mercedes IAA 2017 premieres.