LIVE FROM GENEVA: Meet the all-new Mercedes E-Class Cabrio

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At the Geneva Autosalon 2017, the open Mercedes E-Class Cabrio closes the gap. From a small (Smart Fortwo convertible) to the XXL SUV monster (Maybach G 650 Landaulet), Mercedes can fulfill the most unusual convertible wishes. Technically, the open four-seater closely follows the E-Class Coupé. LIVE REPORT FROM THE SHOW FLOOR.

With the new E-Class convertible, Mercedes is expanding the model family of the new E-Class to 5 body versions. Like the S-Class Convertible, the new Mercedes E-Class Convertible carries an electrically retractable, multi-layered fabric folding roof with a glass rear window. It is available in blue, brown, black and dark red. The E-Class convertible has a similar silhouette to that of the E-Class Coupé and has the same proportions. The aluminum trim frames on the A-pillar and front windscreen, the edge trim and a wide trim element, which frames the folding top box and accommodates the third brake light, are new. The side windows can be completely sunk into the body.

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The open-end E therefore comes not with superlatives or extroverts, but with the finest Cabrio details, which shows Mercedes goes back many decades as a convertible manufacturer. A special windshield wiper system, for example, which does not give the occupants a shower even when the convertible top is open. Or the Aircap spoiler, which lurks upwards in the frame of the front windscreen and if necessary also keeps the driving winds away from the passengers on the front seats.

We know the setup of the E-Coupé, which has just been fresh at the dealership. Everything very tidy and of high quality. The most striking difference to the coupé is the switch that opens and closes the standard electric acoustic roof. 20 seconds are needed for the show and this works also in the city traffic up to a speed of 50 km / h. Who has ordered the comfort package, does not even have to worry about whether the luggage compartment separation is folded or not in the roof-on / to-action. Everything goes automatically and electrically.

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The convertible is not the unimportant body shape, the E-Class family has to offer. Much more customers choose nowadays the convertible instead of the coupe. Of course also because in the open E-class the whole family can be quite comfortable with the sun. If your height is up to 1.90 meters you can also sit in the back very comfortably. 15 centimeters extra wheelbase than in the C-Class Convertible make it possible.

Mercedes still has plenty of electronic snacks ready for those who do not have a family convertible as an eye-catcher: Inductive mobile phone charging, the smartphone as a car key and two huge screens in the dashboard – everything goes. And who likes, gets the fresh air E-Class even with all-wheel drive.

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