Live crash: Young Russians party hard, destroy Mercedes

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Three young Russians set an example of what it’s like to have a party while driving. They tried to drift on the main streets of Tyumen, endangering other road users and destroying their Mercedes E-Class in the process. 

The whole story started with a car ride with the buddies, apparently there was no shortage of good mood. Roaring music, windows down, everything you need. This, of course, needs to be documented, Instagram followers need to show off. This is how they videotaped themselves as they snapped into a column in the middle of a huge live party.

The failed car ride also includes not driving the Mercedes in the most lawful conditions. On the one hand, they slipped back and forth on the road – a bigger party already !! – on the other hand, the driver did not have a license. The driver was a little out of the way anyway, he’s already twenty-six years old, but he can at least be glad he didn’t smash his own car, but his nineteen-year-old friend on the passenger seat. It’s not like he had a license, either, he’s just learning to drive at a driving school.

At some point, the young Russians decided to go around a small traffic jam before the intersection at the red traffic light in the oncoming lane, crossing two solid lines, thereby rudely violating the traffic rules, but they lost control and flew into the pole. The pillar was not damaged. The driver was not fastened, the seat belt was thrown behind his back.

So the end of the live party was that the three young Russians slammed into a column, destroying the front of the E-Class Mercedes. It’s already really inconceivable to just understand how it first comes to mind after an accident to turn the Instagram live back on and show the wrecked car to everyone. By the way, the police later put together from the videos what had happened, as none of the guys admitted how they crashed.

A lot of such “heroes” live amongst us. Pillars do not mind. But other innocent people, pedestrians and motorists may suffer!