Limo in chains – Mercedes-Benz sedan with some S&M tuning

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A Mercedes-Benz W124 from the early 90s, registered in Hungary, got new odd looks. The limo now rolls on bigger wheels and has chains and diamonds on its body.

Is this the S&M tuning? We’re going all the way to Hungary to check out a Mercedes-Benz W124 sedan with a looks shift as we have never seen before. You can’t tell there is anything wrong with it until you come closer.

Running on glossy massive chrome wheels, the Benz comes with diamonds covering the engine and model indicators. Whether they are real or not, only those who put them there know.

Do diamonds and chains go together? Maybe only in the S&M register, surely not n cars. But this Hungarian limousine has got number plates surrounded by solid chains looking like it has been running through somebody’s kinky thoughts.

It’s nothing short of weird on the inside either. Black leather and wood inserts seem close to the original, but there are new fonts for the dashboard numbers and the dials feature diamond inserts as well. There is beige-to-orange crocodile leather in the door panels. Again, we are questioning its genuine character.

The sedan has already run 316 270 km, as its odometer shows. Hard to believe that it has not undergone some changes as well.

And from a distance it pretty much looked normal. Or did it not?