Like a tank. Mercedes R-Class driver unharmed after crushing a Hyundai

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Sometimes, being at the wheel of the right car can literally save the day. This is exactly what a Mercedes R-Class driver learned after walking away without a scratch after T-Boning a much humbler Hyundai.

This was clearly a case of misjudging the time needed to get on to a main road in safely manner. The man driving the silver Accent is definitely in a hurry and that can only lead to tears.

Lucky for him, the big black R-Class hit his Hyundai right in its rear door. Just a few inches saved his life, even if his day was probably ruined beyond hope considering the Accent is spinning towards its demise.

As for the Mercedes guy, he seems to be in great shape even after performing a fully fledged crash test at full speed. Kudos to the R-Class, then, and its impecable safety credentials. Remember, if you want to be safe, buy a Mercedes.