Light years away from noise – Driving a classic Mercedes-Benz SL in Provence

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It smells like lavender in the sun and there is a scent of class in the air. Join us on a tour through the south of France onboard the legendary Mercedes-Benz SL. Don’t hurry. We’ve got all the time in the world to travel!

The Mercedes-Benz SL makes it last and it makes it count. It makes no difference whether it’s early morning or late at night, weekend or weekday. Mercedes-Benz SL in Provence (10)The classic 280 SL cruises smoothly along the winding roads with with the engine purring under the softly curved bonnet. The smell of genuine leather, the wooden trim on the dashboard and the chrome-plated instruments bring back the sense of some forgotten era.

And it’s not just one car shinning in the Mediterranean sun. Perfectly restored, with their paintwork impeccably polished, looking like Baroque sculptures, the Mercedes-Benz SL models get the friendly nod of the locals who throw uninterested glances to the convoy. There are three Pagodas from the sixties and three offsprings of the R107 generation. Seven, if we count the spare vehicle on the trailer, ready to cut in if anything happens to the „grandparents”.

Mercedes-Benz SL in Provence (8)

The roads are deserted outside the tourist season, so nothing interferes with the comfortable cruise flanked by fields of purple lavender or the occasional steep cliffs.

Spectacular, yet quiet, the places have attracted artists since forever. The modern painter Marc Chagall, the Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely and tempera post-war painter Jean Deyrolle, had their homes here, not far from the Chateau de Gordes.

With the daily tension light years away, the travel starts to feel like the legendary drive along the coastal road of Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcok’s „To Catch a Thief”.

Source: Mercedes-Benz.