Lewis Hamilton talks us through the Malaysia F1 Grand Prix

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The Malaysian F1 Grand Prix did not go as planned for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to Lewis Hamilton talk about this difficult circuit.

You can tell this clip was shot prior to the race itself from the smile that never leaves Lewis’ face. If you haven’t already, you can read all about the race on Sunday here, but for now let’s focus on what the reigning champion had to say.

He calls the GP on Sepang International racing circuit “one of their home races” and talks about how much he enjoys going there every year because of the warm crowds and all the different events preceding the race itself.

He then goes into a few of the technical details regarding the layout of the track, insisting on the difficulty of the first turn which comes after the high speed long straight (as on pretty much any other circuit, really), where the front of the car tends to lift and lose grip, raising the possibility of some unwanted understeer.

Lewis Hamilton says the track is largely a quick one with only a few slow turns and plenty of medium and fast ones. But then there’s the weather with very high temperatures which put a lot of pressure on both cars and drivers.

With Malaysia behind us, we’re now looking forward to seeing Lewis and Nico get ready for the next race which will take place in China. We’re sure they’re both hungrier than ever for the win after Ferrari’s Vettel managed to outperform them at the Sepang race track. But this turn of events only makes things even more interesting as nobody likes a one horse race – a little suspense and drama never hurt anybody.