Lewis Hamilton is Forbes’ 10th highest paid athlete on Earth

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The annual Forbes Richest People in the World top is out and the former (2015) Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton ranks as the 10th highest paid athlete on Earth. His combined net worth last year was $46 million and this includes $38 million in salary and prizes and an additional $8 million from his sponsorship contracts.

No other racing driver has won more money than Hamilton in 2016. Football is obviously the most profitable sport in the world with international sensations Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi taking the first and third places on the Highest Paid Athletes list. Ronaldo made a whopping $93 million split between an incredible $58 million salary/bonuses and $35 million from endorsements. Messi went home with $80 million.

On 2nd place we find basketballer LeBron James with $86,2 million, followed by tennis star Roger Federer ($64 million), NBA player Kevin Durant ($60.6 million) and an NFL player, Andrew Luck on 6 ($50 million). The top ten is rounded by talented athletes like golf star Rory McIlroy ($50 m), NBA players Stephen Curry ($47.3 m) and James Harden ($46.6 m).

So what about other Formula One drivers? The closest placed fellow pilot is Ferrari’s leading man Sebastian Vettel who ranked as the 14th highest-paid athlete last year with a salary of $38 million and another $500.000 in sponsorship. Fernando Alonso is next, on the 20th place, thanks to a total cume of $36 million in 2016 ($34 million salary plus $2 million from ads). Lewis Hamilton’s co-driver Nico Rosberg made $21 million last year, not enough to help him make the top 100 list this year.