Lewis Hamilton Is Planning To Go To Space, Fly Elon Musk’s Ship

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We all know Lewis Hamilton is one of the best drivers Formula 1 ever got. His seven championship titles stand proof. But from winning F1 championships to flying a spaceship to Mars is a very long way. We never saw this coming. Lewis Hamilton says that he is planning to go to space and fly Elon Musk’s spaceship.

Lewis Hamilton won seven championships in Formula 1 and seems that the accolades here on Earth are not enough for him anymore. So he’s planning to travel to space. Who’s gonna help him do that? It will be Elon Musk, of course, the man who founded SpaceX, owns Tesla and the social media network Twitter and is one of the most controversial personalities of our times.

Lewis Hamilton must have been all eyes during the live broadcast of SpaceX’s Starship launch attempt last week. He seems to get quite e serious about going to space and he has already talked to Elon Musk about it. One thing we know for sure. His physical shape might just be a big ace up his sleeve.

“Elon’s been to my party in Austin the last two years. It’s not the easiest thing to speak to someone like that, because his mind is expanded, it’s on such another level. So I get nervous when I’m talking to him. Of course, I talked to him about did we land on the Moon? Where are we going next?” Lewis told, referring to taking off in a spaceship.

“I am going, yes, at some stage. But I’ll let some other people go first because those things blow up on the way up,” Lewis Hamilton cautiously stated.

“He’s talking about going to Mars, but I’m ready to go to space at any stage. I told him that I’d fly the ship, but I think it’s all automated.”

Before that happens, Lewis Hamilton is busy here on Earth. He will have to start in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku on Sunday. So far this season he can brag about a single podium finish: second place in Melbourne, three weeks ago.