Lewis Hamilton betrays Mercedes, choses bright red LaFerrari instead

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Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to hooning the very best of supercars. Switching from Mercedes to Ferrari, though, is a surprise, since the Formula 1 champ is after all Daimler’s current top driver.

Yes, you’ve read that right. Lewis Hamilton has swaped the silver of Mercedes for the red of Ferrari. Bright red, as a matter of fact, as evidenced by the paparazzi pictures taken by Daily Mail showing Hamilton pulling up to a Beverly Hills restaurant in the £1.1 million Italian supercar.

Capable of reaching speeds in excess of 217mph, Hamilton’s LaFerrari is just as unique as its owner. The 963 hp supercar comes with red exterior paint and matching red roof, as opposed to the usual black or carbon fibre option, coupled with a red carbon fiber rear diffuser – a distinct feature not present on any other LaFerrari.

The three-time F1 champion has driven rival supercars before with his favorite purple Pagani Zonda heading the list. But in that case, at least, the thoroughbred ”monster” had something in common with Mercedes, its AMG sourced engine to be more precise.

Lewis has made a fortune driving to victory for Mercedes. Even so, he clearly has a soft spot for well-oiled machinery, no matter the brand. And that’s something to condemn, especially from a car nut’s point of view. A good supercar is a good supercar. End of story!


Photo: Daily Mail/AKM-GSI-XPOSURE