Tour Legend Niki Lauda’s private garage: From AMG GT to Bombardier
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Tour Legend Niki Lauda’s private garage: From AMG GT to Bombardier

Home Lifestyle Tour Legend Niki Lauda’s private garage: From AMG GT to Bombardier

In an interview with auto motor und sport, Niki Lauda reveals which cars are currently hosted in his private garage. And which means of transport the triple Formula 1 world champion chooses when it comes to a longer journey.

Which car are you currently driving?
Lauda: For two weeks I have a Mercedes-AMG GT S. I have long struggled with myself, if I can afford to drive such a car. I’m recognized everywhere with my red cap. When I drive the 30 kilometers from the office to the airport in the city in comfort mode, I need 9.8 liters. As soon as I am out of Vienna, I turn on a mode programmed for me. Exhaust sound barks and I push the gas. The hunt is on.

What else is in your garage?
Lauda: In Vienna I still have a G-Class. That’s what my wife needs for the children. But they prefer to ride in the GT S. When I pick them up from kindergarten, they just yell, “Daddy, now racing.” In Ibiza, I’ve been using a Land Rover Defender for a long time.

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Are there any car dreams?
Lauda: The plan was I’d go down from the E class to the C class. Now the GT S got in my way. The next car? A GLE coupe. It will come in winter.

How many race cars do you have?
Lauda: None at all. In late 1975, Enzo Ferrari told me: You can have your World Champion car. Then I stop listening for a month and go to Gozzi, the boss’s right hand. Will know what’s with my car. No problem, he says, you have to pay. I explain that the old man wanted to give me the car. No, he said, you can only have it after buying it. The same day I see the next year’s car in the race department. It turned me on so that for me the 75 Ferrari was done. If only I had bought it. It would be worth a lot today.

When do you get on the plane?
Lauda: I have all the pilot’s licenses you can get. For the Boeing 737, the 767, the 777, the Airbus range. Overall, I have 19,000 flight hours. As a Bombardier brand ambassador, I fly a Global 6000. At every Grand Prix I fly to, I have to demonstrate the aircraft on the ground for Bombardier customers. Flying these planes in all their limits from A to B is still a challenge for me.

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