Last minute shopping – star-quality gifts from Mercedes-Benz

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Sick of shopping malls? Dead-tired of going inside and outside of stores and not finding the perfect gift? Ten days to Christmas, the “Christmas Stars 2015” selection is giving you one more chance.

Ok, ladies, close your eyes now. This is for your gentlemen’s eyes only. You will find out later on.

A “Sport Fashion” chronograph watch would be a good way to make her smile on the Christmas Day. Or you can go classic with the “Classic” women’s watch, with a refined stylish look.

Christmas gifts 2015

Or maybe jewelry would be in order. The “Barcelona” charm bracelet with a sun, a moon and a star, each trimmed with Swarosvki crystals can adjust according to the size of the hand of your lady.

In case you want to ask her to move in with you and you don’t know how to do it, here is the “Saint-Tropez” key ring in the shape of a Mercedes-Benz star, fitted with Swarovski crystals.

It’s cold outside and she needs to know that you care for her health as much as for her looks. A knitted scarf or a silk one, a knitted cap or even a handbag, cause they never have too many would be useful ideas as well. Mercedes-Benz is also offering premium nail polish in zircon red and monolith grey similar to car paintwork, but pay remember: this does not make anybody a better driver than she already is.

Now it is the men’s turn to look away, just in case wives or girlfriends might be inspired by what are about to reveal.

It is said that the women’s “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes” takes as long as men’s “I’ll be home in 5 minutes”. So just to help them keep track of time, a “Business” chronograph watch, a “Classic Retro Gold” or an “Elegant Basic” watch, each according to their style, would be just the perfect gift.

Christmas gifts 2015

A “Vintage Star” wallet would be just as good, especially for a Mercedes-Benz vintage cars fan. The wallet comes in the same kind of classic brown leather and inner viscose are based on the original seat upholstery of the Mercedes-Benz 280.

If your man goes glam, the “Classic” cufflinks might make him happy on Christmas Day. They are manufactured in the shape of the 300 SL sports car’s gear knob, with a 1.5-centimeter diameter.

And we got to the climax of this, since the Christmas Day mostly revolves around kids. They would definitely be happy to receive the Bobby-Benz sledge. If they prefer an all-season gift, parents can get the ride-on Actros for kids aged 18 months or over.

Christmas gifts 2015

Arocs 6×4 and Arocs halfpipe construction dump truck models, each hand-assembled from over 50 individual parts, but also a 1:14 remote control scale model of the GLA would keep boys busy for the holidays.

For the softer kids, there is the “Classic” Teddy bear of about 35 centimeters in height with a scarf featuring the Mercedes-Benz star.

Now it is really beginning to look a lot like Christmas…