The king of all trucks: Mercedes Zetros 3643 AS 6×6

Mercedes Zetros 3634 AS 6x6
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Where other trucks cannot do the job there is a solution: Mercedes Zetros. New top model is the Zetros 3643 AS 6×6 with 12 liter engine.

The king version of the Mercedes-Benz Zetros range is the Zetros 3643 AS 6×6 with a total weight of 116 tons and ready to work in any type of terrain. This ultra capable truck is powered by the OM 457 LA engine with six cylinder and 11.97 liter displacement which develops 428 HP and 2,100 Nm. The engine comply with only Euro 3 Norm but this super truck is not for Europe. His main mission is in arab countries to build oil pipelines or in the jungle to save lives.

The engine is mated with a nine speed gearbox with low range. The 6×6 traction is permanent and every axle has a differential lock for maximum adherence.

Zetros is available in  different configurations from standard cabin to a seven seater or the drive train can be used to build different purpose vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz Zetros is the right solution when working technology has to operate smoothly off the roads, on tracks and rough terrain. For example when fighting forest fires, in airports or when natural disasters occur. The Zetros model series from Mercedes-Benz offers customers trucks that combine the tradition of the well-proven cab-behind-engine design with the robustness and reliability of modern commercial vehicles. The Zetros is based on large-scale Mercedes-Benz production technology, but is a distinctive off-road truck by virtue of its cab-behind-engine design. Following the tradition of all-wheel drive cab-behind-engine trucks, it fully exploits its design advantages as a robust and dependable means of transport off the beaten track. The seating position behind the front axle ensures a high level of ride comfort. Servicing and repairs are easy thanks to a hood that can be tilted well forward.

The conventional design of this model series additionally results in a very low overall height for the Zetros, enabling the basic models 1833 A 4×4 and 2733 A 6×6 to be loaded onto transport planes such as the Hercules C 130 or the Transall C 160. Rail transport is also possible, as these versions also comply with international rail transport dimensions when the deployment-related attachments are configured accordingly. These attributes are a particular advantage for the Zetros in disaster relief operations.