King of the road: 645 hp Mercedes G-Class from G-Power

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Mercedes G-Class G 63 AMG not enough for you? Then try the G-Power tuned Mercedes G-Class which gets a whopping 74 hp more and 23-inch glitzy wheels with high-performance tires.

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The standard G 63 AMG is factory-fitted with a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8. After tuning by G-Power, the G-Class makes a significant leap forward. The electronic Bi-Tronik 5 V1 module installed by G-Power is connected upstream of the engine control unit, so that the information from the vehicle sensor data is modified with the aid of a microprocessor in advance.

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The standard controller of the SUV thus receives the adjusted data. There, the power-determining parameters are set based on this information and the result is the aforementioned 645 hp. For the sprint to 100 km the Mercedes G-Class G-Power needs only 5.3 seconds, while only air resistance and weight keep the beast from flying beyond 250 km / h.

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In addition to the increase in performance, G-Power has also blessed the Mercedes G-Class G 63 AMG with a set of forged wheels, Hurricane RR in 23-inch format. With their black finish and the double-spoke design, high-performance tires of size 305 / 35R23, the five-arm Hurricane RR wheels outline the sporty character of the G-Power G 63 AMG. The cost of the wheel and tire combination amount to 9,985 euros. The performance-enhancing add-on module costs an extra 6,898 euros.