Just don’t mess with the bus even if you drive a Mercedes!

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You are about to see a driver who did not know the rules. Not even those about drinking and driving. He hit a school bus in Charlotte Meckelenburg, North Carolina, and was immediately taken into police custody.

Kevin Sanders, a 56 year old driver, was charged with driving while being under the influence of alcohol, and, after hitting a school bus, more charges are pending. After deciding the blame, he will be trialed and sentenced.

Luckily, no students were on the bus at the moment of the crash. It was only 5 p.m. and the bus was on its way to take them from school.

The driver was first admitted to the Carolinas Medical Center, with no life-threatening injuries. Even though he was speeding and drunk and had no idea what he was doing, apparently, his car saved his life. The driver of the bus Tiffieny Blanks, also ended up in the hospital, but with no serious injuries. “It was only a precaution”, a police detective R.C. Gormican said.

The Mercedes driver hit the bus on the left side, next to the rear axle, while driving at high speed. The assumedly guilty driver tried to overtake the bus on the left side, as the bus was preparing to turn left on a boulevard. Witnesses say the bus had the left turn indicator on.

Photo sourse: Charlotte Observerer.