Jerome Boateng runs from Munich where he was quarantined and crashes his Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet

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Jerome Boateng ran away from where he he was quarantined, and crashed his Mercedes on the autobahn in Germany. Bayern Munich’s soccer player was in a hurry to get home to his son who was not feeling well. The executives of the team decided to fine the star.

Boateng lost control of his car, a Mercedes-AMG S 63 Cabriolet in Diamond White and hit the guardrail. The damage is estimated at approximately 25,000 euros, but most probably not covered by his insurance policy. His V8-powered Mercedes was wearing summer tires, even though temperatures in Bavaria go well towards 0 degrees Celsius at night and the asphalt was covered in black ice. Boateng was not injured in the accident.

Besides the damages of the car that he has to pay for himself, Boateng was also fined by his club, because he left the place where he was quarantined, without permission, violating the guidelines issued by the club and leaving Munich, a city under blockade do to the coronavirus pandemic. The entire amount of money will be donated to local hospitals, the German club representatives announced.

“I know it was certainly a mistake not to inform the club of my journey, but at the time, I was only thinking about my son”, Boateng told to the German newspaper Bild.

“I would like to see that father who doubts in such a situation and does not take off to get to his four-year-old son. If he faces a fine, no matter what happens, respect! I consider it sad!””, the defender stated, furious that the club did not understand his situation.