It’s getting real – First official video teaser of the Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series

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The first official video teaser starring the new Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series is here. It also reveals how the leaked photos ended up online.

A vlogger famous on YouTube was the one to steal the photos of the future Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series. This is what the video teaser seems to hint at. Apparently, none other than YouTuber Shmee150 sneaked inside a garage and snapped a few photos of the car.

He also shows up in the video opening the door and sneaking out of the garage. His joyride ends when the Mercedes-AMG engineers catch him on the side of the road taking pictures of the interior. He steps out of the car and runs away.

The vlogger eventually texts about his adventure onboard the Black Series and concludes: “The car is from another universe.” The other texts back: “Nope. Made in Affalterbach.”

The video is meant to show that leaking of the photos some 24 hours before the arrival of the teaser was actually staged by none other than Mercedes-AMG.

The car that fans have been waiting ever since the SLS AMG Black Series is a street-legal racer in all its glory. With a design bolder than the standard GT R and extreme aerodynamics, the future Black Series gets the company’s 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine in its best version so far.

There is unofficial information on the latest track weapon of AMG claiming that it will be capable of churning out 720 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque.

What is new about the looks of the Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series?

As shown in the leaked photos and confirmed by the video teaser, the Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series looks totally different than the standard GT R.

It gets a larger radiator grille, an air intake on the redesigned hood with black accents and various crests and cuts that optimize the airflow.

The rear end also gets new styling, with a massive two-level tail wing and aggressive air diffuser, plus the dual exhausts.