It’s a small world after all – Twin brothers create miniature Mercedes-Benz world

Hamburg, Germany
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The largest miniature world in the world found room in. It came out of the talented hands of two artists, planning on seeing the world without even stepping out of their city in a downscaled shape. So be careful not to get shrunk yourself by the twin brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun!

In this perfect miniature Mercedes-Benz world, getting from the riverside in Hamburg all the way to the American Grand Canyon only takes ten seconds. A Mercedes-Benz C 111 study vehicle is speeding along the interstate, while below, a freight train is crossing the chasm. Don’t look down, please!

Miniature Mercedes-Benz (6)

There are almost 9000 cars in the Miniature Wonderland. Classics included in the multi-cultural, multi-racial world. On the parking deck at Knuffingen Airport, a sheikh, accompanied by a whole entourage of assistants carrying presents and a tiger on a leash, is getting into his Mercedes 600. Just centimeters away from the sheikh, the Mille Miglia race is on, just going through the famous Furka Pass.

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It all fits inside Wunderland, a miniature world of 6400 square meters at a 1:87 scale. 930 trains with 14,450 railcars, 1270 signals and 3050 switches, all controlled by 46 computers. 160 model vehicles are self-driving. Their headlamps, brake lights and indicators work, as a built-in microprocessor controls their movements. Each vehicle’s construction takes between 15 and 45 hours.

The project will be completed in 2020. By that time, Miniatur Wunderland will have taken no less than 850,000 hours of work an 20 million euros. A project started 15 years ago by the Braun twin brothers.

Source: Mercedes-Benz.