It’s a hard life designing the new C-Class Coupe

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Speaking of coupes, it kind of goes without saying that the practical side of things must take a back seat and let the aesthetics ride shotgun. But don’t imagine for one minute that practicality is willing to give up without a fight. 

Gorden Wagener has the minor job of being Mercedes-Benz chief designer. With the new C-Class Coupe, he says he has had to fight very hard to keep the slender shape untouched, even if that meant sacrificing a bit of practicality.

The dropped roofline will have an impact on rear seat room and also on the luggage space available. The changes in design required the rear seats to be pushed forward and the roofline lowered by 41 mm compared to the current model.

All this inevitably makes the C-Class Coupe a much sportier car than the sedan, since the passengers sit lower and, therefore, the whole car has a lower center of gravity. What’s more, the suspension has been retuned and the steering is sharper than that of the sedan, making the C-Class Coupe a better suited track weapon.

If everything goes according to Mercedes-Benz’s plans, we’ll first get a glimpse of the new C-Class Coupe at the Frankfurt motor show later this year, with the car expected to reach the European showrooms in December and those over the Atlantic early next year.

We’re promised two hot (and wide) AMG versions: the C 63 Coupe with 475 PS and the C 63 S Coupe with 510 PS, both sporting unique side panels which widen the stance of the cars. Later on, a canvas roofed convertible will be added to the lineup.