Is the Mercedes EQS SUV overpriced? Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic vs. GLS 580 4Matic price comparison

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Almost 16,000 euros separate the Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic from the Mercedes GLS 580 4Matic. So is the electric SUV overpriced? We analyze this in a moment. But one thing is sure. The Mercedes GLS has a richer options list than the EQS.

Looking at the price list, we see that the Mercedes GLS 580 4Matic with a mild hybrid system with 4-liter V8 bi-turbo engine and 489 ps/700 Nm (482 hp/516 lb-ft)  and an electric motor with 22 ps (21.7 hp) and 250 Nm (184 lb-ft) costs 119,470.70 euros ($129,846). The Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic has two electric motors, one on each axle, developing 544 ps (536 hp) and 858 Nm (633 lb-ft), and costs 135,433.90 euros ($147,195), almost 16,000 more euro ($17,388).

Therefore, is the Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic overpriced compared to the Mercedes GLS 580 4Matic? To draw a conclusion, we have also analyzed the option lists in detail.

All-wheel steering only on Mercedes EQS SUV
Both models come with Airmatic air suspension with adaptive function, but only the EQS SUV has all-wheel steering with a 4.5-degree steering angle as standard; while you cannot order for the GLS even as an option. Instead, the Mercedes GLS can be optionally configured with an E-Active Body Control suspension (7,735 euro/$8,406) with individual damping on each wheel.

The Mercedes GLS comes standard with 20-inch 8-spoke or 5-twin-spoke alloy wheels. If the AMG package (4,176.10 euro/$4,538) is ordered, then 21-inch AMG 5 double-spoke wheels are standard. Other 21, 22, or 23-inch AMG wheel models are also available, ranging from 357 to 2,975 euros ($388 to 3,214) .

The Mercedes EQS SUV also comes standard with 20-inch 5-twin-spoke alloy wheels with optional 5-spoke wheels available for 238 euros ($258). If the AMG Line Exterior package is ordered (4,760 euros/$5,174) then 21-inch AMG wheels are standard. There are also two optional 21-inch wheel models (from 1,249.50 to 1,666 euros/$1,358 to 1,811), three 21-inch AMG wheel models (from 2,231.25 to 2,888.75 euros/$2,425 to 3,139) and a 22-inch AMG multi-spoke model (4,313.75 euros/$4,688) which are also the most purchased.

Seven seats are standard in GLS only
Although it’s 16,000 euro ($17,388) cheaper, the Mercedes GLS comes standard with seven seats, while in the EQS SUV, you have to pay an extra 1,904 euros ($2,069) for the third row of seats. The third row of seats can be heated on both models for 428.40 euros ($466).

The Mercedes GLS comes standard with heated second-row seats, and the second-row outer seats are electrically adjustable (238 euros/$259), with optional multi-contour seats with a massage function available, as in the S-Class. Ventilated second-row seats also cost an extra 916.30 euros ($995). Only the Mercedes GLS can be configured with two individual rear seats for 595 euros ($647) and side steps (743.75 euros/$808).

On the Mercedes EQS SUV, second-row heated seats cost extra 487.90 euros ($530), rear ventilated seats cost 1,017.45 euros ($1,105), and multi-contour seats or individual second-row seats are not available.

The Mercedes GLS comes standard with black leather upholstery, espresso brown, or two-tone macchiato beige/black costs extra 416.50 euros ($453). The black Nappa leather upholstery costs 2,082.50 euros ($2,263). On the Mercedes EQS, Neotex black/space grey upholstery is standard, while three other two-tone Neotex shades cost an extra 416.50 euros ($453). Optional two-tone leather upholstery can be ordered from 2,261 euros ($2,457) or two-tone Nappa from 3,451 euros ($3,751).

Only Manufaktur paint cost extra
Plain and metallic paints are standard on both models. The Mercedes GLS can be purchased with five metallic and two basic shades, while the Manufaktur paints Diamant white bright and Hyacinth red metallic cost extra 1178.10 euros ($1,280). The Mercedes EQS SUV can be ordered with five metallic and two plain shades, while the Manufaktur paints Diamant White Bright and Alpine Grey plain cost 1,428 euros ($1,552).

Hyperscreen standard in the Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic
The top version of the EQS 580 4Matic comes standard with the huge Hyperscreen, which is actually three OLED screens grouped under a 1.41-meter wide glass pane. The Mercedes GLS has two 12.3-inch interlaced screens for the instrument cluster and multimedia system. The head-up display costs 1,297.10 euros ($1,410), and the augmented reality another 464.10 euros ($504).

For music lovers, the Mercedes GLS can be configured with two Burmester systems for 1,011.50 or 5,831 euros (1,099 to 6,337).

Mercedes EQS SUV has a complete assistance package
The electric SUV has an impressive package of assistance systems, including Distronic adaptive cruise control. In the case of the Mercedes GLS, you have to pay at least 2,296.70 euro ($2,495) for an assistance package with Distronic, but the GLS comes standard with a 360-degree camera, while the EQS SUV comes standard with just the rear-view camera.

The Mercedes GLS comes standard with Multibeam LED headlights, while the EQS SUV comes standard with High-Performance LED headlights.

The price difference between the Mercedes EQS SUV and the Mercedes GLS at the same trim level with the many available options is maintained and even increased in favor of the Mercedes GLS, which remains much cheaper than its electric sibling.