Meet the insane 700 hp Posaidon Mercedes-AMG GT

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Power is everything. This what Posaidon Mercedes-AMG GT tuned supercar proves with its insane upgrade to 700 hp.

Mercedes-AMG GT not powerful enough? This is exactly what the specialists of Posaidon have been thinking when they decided to tackle with the mighty bi-turbo V8 and take its power output sky high.

And we’re not talking peanuts either for the regular GT. In standard guise Mercedes’ latest supercar offers no less than 462 hp. For even more power clients should tick the Mercedes-AMG GT S box, a move that will get them as many as 510 hp from basically the same 4.0-liter V8. Even so, Posaidon believes that is still on the lean side apparently.

The German tuner’s version of the Mercedes-AMG GT is named GT RS 700 and comes with the aforementioned 700 hp output. Larger turbochargers, a custom intercooler, sports exhaust and obviously a rewritten engine management system feature among the changes made by Posaidon.


Torque is limited to 750 Nm. What does the famous sprint from standstill to 100 km / h count you might ask? That would be 3.2 seconds which is over half a second faster than the S version. Top speed is 349 km / h. Not bad. Not bad at all, we must admit.